What is the most dog-friendly country in Europe?

Many people ask us this question: what is the most dog-friendly country in Europe? Well, the answer is, quite simply, Italy. In Italy, it is a normal thing to take your dog into restaurants and cafes, there are even some dog-friendly supermarkets. Here are our top suggestions


To do

Tenuta Torciano

Tenuta Torciano is a winery in Tuscany's San Gimignano, not far from Florence where you can book a wine-tasting or cooking courses. The villa is surrounded by beautiful landscapes where you can really enjoy the Italian sun with a glass of wine.



To stay

Pensione Bencistà

Pensione Bencistà is an impressive typical Italian villa, this hotel is a family-run business, so expect the best of the Italian experience. The hotel is in Fiesole and has impressive views of Florence. A great place away from the city centre to relax and live life slower.


Pensione Bencista dog friendly Hotel
Villa de Este dog-friendly Italy

To visit

Villa d’Este

Villa d’Este is located in Tivoli, not far from Roma, you will find Villa d’Este, where you can visit with your dog its 16th-century Renaissance gardens. The villa is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site, so that is how much it is worth a visit.



To enjoy

Bau Bau Village Beach

Opening on the 1st of June, Bau Bau is a beach near Savona with agility courses for your dogs, restaurants, events and most importantly, the Mediterranean sea.


Bau Bau Village Beach dog-friendly Italy

Museum of Dog dog-friendly Italy

To visit

Museum of the Dog

The Foof Mondragone could only live in Italy. Italians do love their dogs, so they even have a museum of the dog in Mondragone, near Naples, a museum that explores the relationship of dogs and humans throughout history.


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