Our dogbassadors


Our dogbassadors are a big part of our community. These are amazing dogs that have helped us develop this map through their discoveries, read their stories below.


Anyone around the world can become a dogbassador, you just need to follow these steps:

  1. Discover a dog-friendly place you love.

  2. Follow us on Instagram @dogout.co and send us a private message with the location of your discovery and a decent quality picture of your dog in it.

  3. Once we have agreed that you are a dogbassador, we will share you on our Instagram and you will share us in yours. That simple!


Rio, London

Rio is a white English bulldog based in London. He lets us know the best places to visit. Not many people can resist to his cuteness. He is the best friend of the local fox.

Blu, London

Blu is a London doggie fashionista and influencer:) Her favourite pass time is going for walkies around Tower Bridge, and Southbank where she can attract the attention of loads of peeps for cuddles. When she’s not out sampling local dog friendly places, she loves nothing better then to cocoon herself under a blanket or snuggle on mummy’s lap. Dogout is such a great new app detailing hundreds of dog friendly places which Blu looks forward to checking out.

Doris, Brighton

Doris is the sweetest golden haired half-Yorkshire Terrier / half-Bichon travelling wonder-dog. She tours with a rock band half the year and spends the rest of her time exploring the world with her people. She loves being in bed more than just about anything.

Lola & Evie, London

Lola & Evie are the best of the friends. They love food, sleeping and home destruction. You will normally find them posing on the bed and snuggling under the blankets.


Bibo, Madrid

This is Bibo, a very cute miniature dachshund. He is very smart and affectionate and loves to cuddle with his mum Monica. They live in Madrid and together they have discovered amazing dog-friendly places, including art gallery Échale Guinda, where all dogs are welcome. 

The Duchess, Hertfordshire

The Duchess is a Stabyhoun living in Hertfordshire. Curious about everything and looking forward to finding places of interest in the UK and maybe later, Europe. Otherwise she will be up to mischief.

Goji, London

Goji is a Jack Russel x Pug x Parsons Terrier cross. She goes everywhere with us! Happiest chasing squirrels with her best friend Wonton or snuggling in bed with her humans. Goji is helping us find many new places in the Battersea area in London.

Casper, Sevenoaks

This is Casper a 1 year old Japanese spitz. He loves hanging out with his family in Sevenoaks town centre or catching the train into London for a night out. He loves walks and bones and hates being mistaken for a Samoyed! 


Wilson, London

This is Wilson, a miniature wire haired dachshund. He is possibly the cutest teckel in Belgravia, London. Wilson will help us cover this area of the city while enjoying treats and cuddles with his humans.

Wonton, London

Once a Cypriot stray, Wonton was rescued by the Wild at Heart and now loves his London City life! He goes everywhere with his mumma and can be found hanging out at the gym & local health food shops. His favourite things in life are his bestie Goji and a morning spoon in bed.

Giselle, London

This is Giselle the Schnoodle puppy. Giselle is a schnauzer + poodle cross and only 3 months young! She loves exploring the cafes and parks of South London and Autumn is her favourite season. When she not chasing leaves she’s sleeping it off under the tables of South London’s many dog friendly cafes (who are we kidding...she’s sleeping on mama’s lap or in her handbag)!

Bimba, Madrid

Bimba is a 4-year-old Golden Retriever, she lives in Madrid and she is a complete water-holic because as soon as she sees water, she cannot resist and has to have a swim. In her free time, she loves eating out with friends at dog-friendly restaurants in the city. Every week, she shares new places to inspire other people going out with their dogs more often.


Chewie, London

My name is Chewbacca Red ,Chewie or Chew Bear to my friends. I am a small Shihtzu from London.
I spend my time running wild on Wimbledon common or the London Parks and walking along the Thames. I love to go out to the dog friendly pubs and restaurants in London with my best friend Ted the Cavapoo. I love swimming in the sea at the Witterings and Northumberland (where I also frequent many pubs and eateries).

Paisley, London

Paisley is a 10 years young Westie, he lives in London and can often be found on a train going across the country to explore new towns and cities and the dog friendly hotels, bars and restaurants. His favourite dog friendly city is #liverpool he loves attention and will do anything for a piece of chicken and a cuddle. His favourite time of year is autumn as it means long walks often ending up with him next to a pub fire

Shiva & Inessa, Edinburgh

Shiva & Inessa are a couple of sassy samoyeds. They love raw food, being the center of attention and letting their hair down with the local wildlife. (‘Sup squirrels?) You can usually find these two ladies exploring the great Scottish outdoors and landmarks with their pet humans.

Indy, South Wales

Indy is a 1 year old Lhasa Apso. She lives in South Wales and loves exploring new places.  Beaches are her favourite, especially if there are rock pools to explore, but she also enjoys a good muddy woodland walk.

She loves meeting new people and dogs and hates it when people ask if she is a Shih Tzu.

Harry dogout dog friendly map

Harry, London

1 year old, Harry is based in London who is one of the friendliest dogs you’ll ever meet. His nickname is ‘Nemo’ because of his lucky half ear, which makes him stand out from the other sausage dogs!

Whiskey, Paris

Here is Whiskey, he's a 6 years old Border Collie, he's hyperactive and my #trainingbuddy we share a lot of sporty aventures together.

Phoebe, London

Hi! I'm Phoebe. I'm a 5 months hyperactive, sweet and smart Yorkshire terrier. I love to hide and chew my mummy's socks. I love walks and naps. I love to wear trendy jackets and coats. I'm my mommy's princess, she loves me a lot.

Rupert, Birmingham

Rupert loves exploring new places with his pawrents to eat and drink. Playing with his ball is his favourite.


Bella, San Diego

Bella is 11 years old, an adorable Chihuahua mix and our little fur daughter 🦊♥️ We rescued her in 2009 at the Humane Society in Boise, Idaho where Christina was stationed in the military, in the U.S. Air Force. Bella  lives in San Diego, California now and loves to go out to cafés and the beach, to chase all the seagulls around until she gets tired . We travelled with her to Florida and she loved every minute of it!


Elsa, Stockholm

Elsa is a mini doxie lady that lives in Stockholm with her humans. Her sharp nose can deter the scent of cheese from miles away! She loves playing with stuffed animals and tennis balls. Since a young age, she has accompanied her humans to different dog-friendly bars and restaurants and she likes falling asleep on her blanket while the humans socialise.



Timón, is a 2 year old Brittany embracing the urban life with his hunting field being the streets of Madrid.
Expert in finding the best dog friendly spots; he is also a peanut butter addict, loves a comfy spot and has that crazy spaniel trait to him.

Timón never misses out on brunch, dinner or shopping outings which he loves sharing on his blog with his Spanish and international friends.🐕